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About Us

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Joliet, Illinois, A Beep continues to grow and provide quality wireless services to Northern Illinois. A Beep is an authorized dealer for Kenwood Communications, Tait, Hytera, Zetron and Icom.

Licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as a private paging carrier, A Beep built a satellite-delivered one-way paging network covering the greater Chicago area in 1996. Also, in 1996 A Beep purchased the 2-way radio and paging assets of Telecom, Inc located in Joliet, Illinois.

In 2002, A Beep purchased the assets of JB Communications, Schiller Park, Illinois that included an extensive customer base, FCC Licenses and a prime rooftop communications site lease downtown Chicago.
A Beep was an early pioneer in building LTR Trunked radios systems in the UHF radio band. Aggressive licensing and building of sites lead to systems with extended capacity to serve a large customer base.

A Beep now operates Chicagoland’s largest privately owned wireless network with assets that include the greatest number of FCC-Licensed UHF radio frequencies in Illinois. A Beep’s licensed assets include many “exclusive frequencies”. These exclusive frequencies were always valuable, but now with the introduction of digital radios these same frequencies can be divided and re-used increasing their value with additional loading potential.

2007 brought additional enhancements to many of the LTR Trunked sites. These sites were “networked” into one seamless network using a digital VOIP backbone from Bridgecom Communications. These analog Trunking systems now blanket the Chicagoland region.

2008 began the migration to digital. This new all-digital Diga-Talk network will provide seamless hand-held secure portable communication throughout the Chicago region. A Beep is using the newest digital “Nexedge” technology from Kenwood Communications Corporation. A Beep was an early pioneer with Nexedge and currently operates the largest Nexedge system in the world to date.
2009 A Beep purchased certain assets from Tri-Star Communications in Sycamore, Illinois. These assets included Repeaters, FCC Licenses and tower leases.

2010 - 2011 Many enhancements were made to Diga-Talk system. This included the addition of towers sites and additional capacity.  Sixteen all-digital “Diga-Talk” radio tower sites are now on-line.

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